I believe it is my path to create. I was born into this world a creative. It is in my bones, in my thoughts, a part of my soul. I create because the energy is bursting to come forth. The source is limitless.

I am a Graphic Designer by trade but my true love is not creating designs on my computer but rather pulling up my sleeves and immersing my SELF in paint, paper and anything else that I might find interesting.  I have taken courses and workshops throughout the years in clay and paint and have only recently found my groove when I discovered mixed-media. I work with layer upon layer of different mediums, allowing one to discover the depths of the piece of art.

Pulling from my connection to Mother Earth and my spiritual search I create works of art that evoke feelings of peace, warmth and serenity.

I reside in the small town of Almonte, Ontario with my dog Oliver